Beach baseball. (Photo: Beach Games USA)
Beach baseball. (Photo: Beach Games USA)

You could listen to your favorite baseball team play while lounging on the beach this weekend – or you could play yourself!

Beach Games USA, a company that organizers sporting events on beaches across America, will be in Seaside Heights Saturday and Sunday to organize a Beach Baseball Tournament. The concept is simple: the company sets up a baseball diamond on the sand, and those who register to play compete as teams in a double-elimination tournament for fun.

Adults (17 and up) play on Saturday and youth (ages 12-16) play Sunday. The tournament will be played in three custom-designed beach stadiums set up at the Carteret Avenue beach with 12 teams per session and four players per team.

The company pitched the idea to Seaside Heights over the off-season, having already hosted a similar tournament in Manasquan.

For more information on the tournament, visit the company’s registration page.