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Traffic Lights Back on Island-Wide


Watch those lights!

It’s that time of year – a confusing one for locals who are used to motoring unfettered up and down Route 35 – when the traffic lights turn back on. The switch was made Monday by crews from the state Department of Transportation, and by 5 p.m., all of the island’s traffic lights were operating.

Though the signs have yet to be switched, the return of controlled intersections also coincides with a drop (in some areas) of the speed limit. Several sections of Route 35, including the entirety of the southbound lanes in Lavallette, have speed limits reduced to 35 m.p.h. Depending on the area, the fall and winter limits rise to 40 or 45 m.p.h., though they remain at 35 m.p.h. in Lavallette’s busy business district in the northbound lanes.