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Watch: Sea Cucumber in Barnegat Bay Enjoys a Snack


We already brought you the news of the invasion of clinging jellyfish, but it should be noted that there’s other cool stuff (that won’t send you to the hospital) living on the bottom of Barnegat Bay.

A video posted to social media this week by local environmental group Save Barnegat Bay shows a sea cucumber literally stuffing food into its mouth. The species was spotted off Island Beach State Park.

The video was shot by Laura Kushner, an avid snorkeler who’s also a volunteer with the group. It shows the sea cucumber – named for its resemblance to the vegetable – almost playfully shoveling food into its mouth, which is surrounded by tentacles that act as muscles which allow the animal to eat. The sea cucumber caught on the video measured only about three inches side-to-side.


“Looks like he was pretty hungry,” Kushner said.