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Seaside Heights Planning Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces


The entrance to Seaside Heights from the north. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The entrance to Seaside Heights from the north. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Have an electric vehicle? If so, you’ll soon be able to charge it up while enjoying a walk on the boardwalk.

The introduction of electric vehicle charging spaces is not only something the borough has been planning for years, but a solution to what could have been a costly problem.

After Superstorm Sandy, the borough was forced to turn on its electrical peak shaving station before completing a laundry list of state-mandated tests. The state Department of Environmental Protection planned on fining the town, but instead will allow it to invest in vehicle charging stations instead.


“We talked about wanting to do it a few years ago, but we didn’t have the money,” said Borough Administrator Christopher Vaz.

Vaz said bid specifications have been completed bid specifications and are planning to purchase three charging stations, which can service six vehicles at once.

“It will be located at the Grant Avenue parking lot,” said Vaz. “We already got a $20,000 grant for the project.”

The borough is also hoping to involve Tesla – a major electric vehicle manufacturer – in an extension to the project. The charging stations the borough is purchasing are generic charging stations, but officials are investigating a program under which Tesla leases space to provide its own vehicle-specific chargers.

  • Bruce Parmenter

    -borough is also hoping to involve Tesla-

    Does that mean the lodging business wants to have Tesla cover some of their EVSE (charger) costs by installing one of Tesla’s HPWC EVSE?

    Not all EVSE are the same. I do not hate Tesla. But their HPWC can only be used by Tesla EVs. Any guest with a non-Tesla can’t charge off a Tesla EVSE. While having an EVSE that rarely gets used might satisfy the requirements, it is not good for drivers, nor is it good for business.

    A standard level-2 (j1772) EVSE will charge “any” plugin (including Tesla EVs).

    A cheap 3kW overnight EVSE is $200

    which an Electrician can wire up so it can not be removed. The patron drives up, plugs in, and stays the night. The business could offer a higher powered (more costly to purchase) 6kW EVSE, but an 8 hour overnight 3kW charge regains ~80 miles, so the higher powered 6kW EVSE may not be needed.

    BTW, Toms River Volkswagen has a 6kW L2 EVSE

    so a 3kW EVSE would be just fine for that lodging business.
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