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Seaside Park to Replace Bulkheads on Several Streets


The Seaside Park bayfront. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Seaside Park bayfront. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Seaside Park has budgeted $500,000 for the reconstruction of bulkheads at several street ends.

The borough council on Thursday set aside the funding, financed by $475,000 in bonds, to replace bulkheads at the end of Lake Avenue, N Street and 14th Avenue.

The borough will now be tasked with soliciting bids and awarding a contract for the work.


A plan to focus on the bayside as a whole is being developed by the borough. Councilwoman Gail Coleman said plans to install bulkheading and a protective living shoreline along North Bayview Avenue were submitted to a slew of government agencies ranging from the county planning board to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state DEP and the federal EPA for approval.

The aim of the project is to reduce flooding on the bayside.

  • Coast Watcher

    My question is, who has determined the validity that these bulkheads need replacing? What kind of feasibility study was done for the town on this? Is their maybe observed areas that could use repairs due to lack of maintenance, of course.

    I’m sure if you looked at the entire bay front and where its weakest areas of protection are, this new proposal for new bulkheads would have to be delayed until the weakest areas of the bay front can be repaired properly. By this I do not mean the latest proposal that “new bulkheading will be constructed about five feet into where the blacktop currently is located. The living shoreline will then be built in front of the bulkhead for the initial five feet, with the current sand area expected to serve as an expansion zone.”

    Is there a reason why this project needs to intrude upon the paved areas of Bayview Ave to correct a long on going erosion issue that now has lead to more severe flooding along the Bayview Ave?

    Why hasn’t a proposal been made to replace in kind the preexisting bulkhead along the Bayfront where remnant pilings are easily seen. Also with the cost of the protective living shoreline project, wont it be more cost effect to install a floating break water to reestablish a bay front naturally?

    These ideas need to be put in the same circular file as these ineffective, poorly planned and mismanaged pump houses. Hopefully the state has enough common sense to deny these projects.