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Proposed Lavallette Ordinance Would Allow Borough to Maintain Neglected Properties


Lavallette Borough Hall (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Lavallette Borough Hall (Photo: Daniel Nee)

An ordinance pending in Lavallette would allow the borough to perform work on neglected properties in town, including yard maintenance and similar projects.

“Some have been quite a problem for us,” said Mayor Walter LaCicero, referring to unkempt properties. “We don’t really have a mechanism to take care of the problem ourselves.”

The ordinance, which was introduced last week and will be the subject of a public hearing and second vote at another meeting later this month, would grant the borough power to go on private properties to perform minor work to maintain the lot. It would not allow borough employees or contractors to enter properties. After work is performed, the borough would place a lien on the property so the cost of the work can be recouped. Examples of the type of work that would be performed includes lawn mowing, brush and weed removal, tree stump maintenance and debris removal.


Borough officials said their intent is to keep their own properties neat as well, as part of the effort.

“When I first read this proposal, I thought it was incumbent upon the borough to do so,” said Councilman James G. Borowski. “We’re going to follow our own ordinances as well, even though we’re not obligated to do so, from what I’ve heard.”

Borough Administrator John O. Bennett said state law allows municipal employees to enter the interior of a property only if there is something in the property that is a “threat to health or public welfare.”

  • baycruiser

    This is a very dangerous step. No town should be given the right to come on your property and do anything. If something needs to be done to a property, all avenues should be pursued to locate the owner, and it should be their responsibility to resolve the situation.
    I mean ALL AVENUES. I have had an experience myself where a town official claimed they sent a letter in the mail, and I had never received it. I’m sure there aren’t that many lots in Lavallette that a TRULY abandoned, that would make it necessary for the town to pass an ordinance like this. This is giving a town way too much control to enter our personal property. This is not Russia. If you feel the lot is abandoned, then put your efforts into contacting an owner. Not everyone has been able to rebuild their homes yet. Someone trying to maintain a property while waiting to build is in a tough scenario. They are paying for weed control, minimum utilities, and taxes for a property they can’t use, while still fighting insurance companies etc. Trust me, the weeds and uncut lawn on some properties don’t compare to the mess a property is in when it is under new construction. That is just as much as an eyesore, for a long period of time, but overlooked.
    I think the town should really tread lightly on this. Not everyone in town has had the means to rebuild from Sandy yet. That doesn’t mean they aren’t trying, or going to due so. The community should be supporting those less fortunate, not adding to their stress & expense.