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Seaside Heights Man Sentenced for Meghan’s Law Violations


Maurice L. Thomas (Photo: OCPO)
Maurice L. Thomas (Photo: OCPO)

A Seaside Heights has been sentenced to 364 days in the Ocean County Jail following his guilty plea to numerous Meghan’s Law violations, officials said.

Maurice L. Thomas, 33, pleaded guilty in December to three, third degree crimes of violating community supervision for life and twoadditional third degree crimes of failing to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law.

Superior Court Judge Melanie D. Appleby also ruled that, as part of his sentence, Thomas is to continue his obligations to register once released from jail and continue on lifetime supervision. Moreover, under the mandates of the new law, Thomas will be subject to parole supervision for life, a more intensive program.


The crime dates are various and occurred out of the Borough of Seaside Heights and Toms River Township, said Al Della Fave, spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.

Senior Parole Officers Jessica Swarer and Mark Grausso were involved with initiating the complaints, Detective Lawrence Mayberry of the Seaside Heights Police Department initiated a failure to register complaint and Detective Mark Bajada of the Toms River Police Department initiated another failure to register complaint, Della Fave said.

Thomas has been incarcerated since May 18, 2015.  According to the initial charges, he knowingly failed to register his current address with the Toms River Township Police Department 10 days prior to the change of his address, along with not complying with his conditions of community supervision.


  • jerome

    Theres gotta be another way to make these sex offenders fear the law . I know some will say its a disease and they can’t control it. But i dont care our children deserve better protection . See im sorry i think if your hurt a child and i dont care what your excuse is its death first then ask questions later . Now what i mean by that is if your a sex offender and you forget to register put him to death . Now i think the laws are to vague meaning theres people on there thats a tier 2 cause they dated a female that was 17 and they were like 19 did time for it and came out married the female and been together for 20 years thats wrong . But theres people that have raped repeatedly and just move and forget to register well thats a death sentence to me .