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MTV Beach House Heading Back to Ocean County, But Not in Seaside Heights This Time


Former MTV VJ Carson Daly on the beach in Seaside Heights in 2002. (Credit: CBS News)
Former MTV VJ Carson Daly on the beach in Seaside Heights in 2002. (Credit: CBS News)

The newest iteration of MTV’s summer beach house programming will be heading back to the Jersey Shore this summer, but in an unlikely location.

Though sources have said MTV was looking to produce a show in Seaside Heights this summer, borough officials did not support a return of the network to town, leaving producers to look elsewhere. MTV announced this week that their new location will be in Loveladies, an ultra-wealthy section of Long Beach Township on Long Beach Island.

“MTV channel talent, Nessa (“Girl Code”), Cody Christian (“Teen Wolf”) and Chico Bean (“Wild ‘n Out”) will host the all-star beach party from a tricked-out, 90s-themed beach house located at the famed Jersey Shore,” the company announced in a press release. “The newest iteration of the ultimate summer party will play out via on-air interstitials along with exclusive behind-the-scenes and all-access Beach House content across MTV, Comedy Central and Spike social and digital channels throughout the month of June and showcase Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade.”


Before “Jersey Shore” premiered in 2009, the cable network had twice hosted its annual “Summer Share” programming in Seaside Heights, most recently in 2002 when rappers, rock artists and celebrities drew hard-partying crowds to the boardwalk and beach. In recent years, however, Seaside Heights has eschewed its past media attention as it rebrands itself into a family-friendly resort community.

The summer programming in LBI will kick off June 8 with a public party at a park in Loveladies. Mountain Dew is sponsoring the production, which will lean heavily on social media-based content.

“Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook Live didn’t even exist when we last opened the MTV Beach House as the ultimate summer hangout for our audience 14 years ago,” said Matthew Newcomb, Vice President, Integrated Marketing, MTV. “We’re thrilled to partner with Mtn Dew Spiked Lemonade to bring back the Beach House in a totally updated way that speaks to a new generation of digitally native fans.”

Unlike “Jersey Shore” and some previous MTV productions, there will be no cast members permanently living in the house that is being used as a base for the programming, a representative from the network said.

  • Rich W

    Loveladies had better bolster its police department immediately!

  • StingerMissile

    This is going to go over like a fart in church.

  • Lou

    That’s good news. Stay out of the Seaside area!!!!!

  • Northside Mom

    Yikes. Can’t imagine the residents of Loveladies are going to be too happy about that!

  • Frank Rizzo

    Pull cable out of your house…save money and protect your kids from M-TV and political correctness

  • Goodgrief

    There goes the neighborhood in Loveladies.

  • Susan LaDuke

    The former MTV Jersey Shore show brought a new and unwanted, sleazy element to Seaside Heights. Although it’s been years, the town’s reputation has continued to suffer from this show. Notoriety is NOT a good thing! I pity the residents of Lovelady and all the the surrounding communities on LBI. The island will never be the same after this. And, yes, the townships better increase their police departments immediately. Any revenue brought into the area from the show isn’t worth the cost in collateral damage!

    • Amy Dorval Fleck

      There is nothing to do in Loveladies by way of bars, stores, restaurants, so I’m not sure why they are filming there. There are fancy houses and the beach. Weird choice.

  • kenneth

    No problem. Phila fans here not like those Giant animals. Haha.

  • John Joseph Sener