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Seaside Heights Introduces ‘Friendly’ Drone Regulations


A drone being used on a beach. (Credit: Bay Post/Australia)
A drone being used on a beach. (Credit: Bay Post/Australia)

A week after Toms River officials voted down a set of regulations for the operation of drones, Seaside Heights officials introduced its own ordinance regulating them – however officials say the town will remain “drone friendly.”

Seaside Heights had been considering regulating drones for over a year following an incident during which a person was hit with a drone during the annual Polar Bear Plunge in 2016. The borough, however, waited for new regulations to be released by the Federal Aviation Administration before developing an ordinance they say is more permissive than the one Toms River rejected.

“We made it a drone-friendly ordinance,” said Borough Administrator Christopher Vaz. “Even though it has restrictions, it gives you a year-round right to fly on the bay, and the right to fly some time of the year on the boardwalk and beach.’


The ordinance bans drones from operating over the boardwalk, ocean beach and public bay docks and swimming beach April 30 to Oct. 1, but allows those who wish to do so the chance to apply and receive a permit to operate. The ordinance also bans drones from flying above public school property without permission from a school administrator. The borough may also establish temporary “no fly zones,” which must be publicly posted.

The proposed ordinance, which will be subject to a public hearing and second vote before adoption on May 17, will be enforced by the borough’s police department and code enforcement division.

  • Vic Moss

    Good luck with that. You can’t prohibit anyone from flying over anything without FAA approval. If the city tries to enforce this against a pilot that knows the rules, Seaside Heights will find themselves in Federal Court.

    • Justin M Meehan

      Unfortunately the FAA states you must comply with all township regulations and ordinances before you fly. They can easily put an ordinance into affect that would restrict you from setting up a base station on township property.

  • Daniel Herbert

    Vic Moss, these are my back woods here. I’d like to reach out to the Town Council about how to properly word the ordinance as to not conflict with existing FAA regulations about airspace.

  • Joey Mas

    They can say whatever they like but they are way out of jurisdiction. The airspace above these towns is controlled by the FAA.