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Summer Ice Cream Trucks in Lavallette: Are More Regulations Needed?


An ice cream truck at the beach. (File Photo)
An ice cream truck at the beach. (File Photo)

Mayor Walter LaCicero said a resident’s concern over ice cream trucks this week is a “perennial issue” in town.

It crops up every year around this time as the borough is getting ready for its summer season, approving events, licenses and more for summer vendors, and anticipating the busiest time of the year in town.

This year was no exception. At the borough council meeting Monday, a resident inquired as to whether there should be additional restrictions put on ice cream truck vendors: namely, prohibiting them from using megaphones and other audio devices to lure beachgoers from the sand to the street to purchase treats.


“I wouldn’t mind blocking someone using amplified sound,” LaCicero said in response, acknowledging that he hadn’t before heard of ice cream truck drivers using that system.

Other residents said vendors have more often walked onto the beach to announce their presence in recent years.

“It goes without saying: if you’re on the beach, you need a badge,” said LaCicero.

Whether the council will take formal action on the matter – either through an ordinance or simply a restriction on ice cream truck vending licenses – is yet to be seen. The council will look into the matter, officials said, and also consider whether any regulations on engine idling are necessary.

“We can reiterate it in our applications, and threaten to take more enforcement action, and we’ll mean it,” LaCicero said.

  • Vivian Gaits

    For heavens sake. These folks are just trying to make a living!

  • Michael J Hrebin

    Please give it a break these vendors are part of the shore scene. Keep the noise down but that was the fun growing up running to the trucks get ice cream. There not sun bathing.

  • George

    One person is complaining…we need less government not more…and does LPD really want to waste their time chasing around ice cream trucks…nope…

  • Mac

    It’s time to use your local resources to solve this problem once and for all. Call in our renowned county ice cream truck crusader Carl Block, who advanced his career as the mayor of Stafford into the $300,000 fiefdom of Ocean County administrator by chasing ice cream trucks up and down the streets of Manahawkin until he successfully bashed all of their jingle bells into silence. This feat was so remarkable that Gilmore featured it in his one chapter book, “Profiles in Courage, Ocean County Style.”

  • T C

    Hearing the jingles the ice cream truck play at the top of the street is part of the fun of growing up and enjoying the Jersey Shore.

  • CSmith

    Childhood memories and still enjoy as an adult. May the songs play and bells ring!

  • Sid Stanton

    Create ice cream truck locator app.