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Pro-Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ March Approved for Seaside Heights Boardwalk


President Donald Trump (Credit: Trump Campaign)
President Donald Trump (Credit: Trump Campaign)

Seaside Heights will be among the locations nationwide where a Make American Great Again march, in support of President Donald Trump, will be held March 25.

The MAGA March movement, as it is called, is organizing pro-Trump marches in all 50 states that day. The Seaside Heights borough council formally granted permission for the march to take place at its meeting Wednesday.

“We love our country and owe the men and women who put their lives on the line to ensure our freedom and those who keep us safe and protected,” organizers of the local march said on a Facebook event page. “We are marching for our President, Vice President, military and first responders.”


The march will take place Saturday, March 25 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the boardwalk. An exact starting point has yet to be announced.

“We are the silent majority and we are ready for real change,” the national MAGA March website states. “We are not protesting anything about America; we are only showing our support for it and the change that is happening.”

The Seaside Heights march appears to be the only one of its kind in New Jersey. Organizers of the national event said they had set a goal of at least one march in each state.

  • Tom Messner

    This is a great! I just hope the anti-trump protestors stay home.

  • Maria Ferguson

    Surprised that the media would mention this (maybe there is hope for unslanted news yet). Yes there are tons of people in support of President Trump. Pray that the rest of the country will finally see that dividing the country hurts us all. If you can’t support the president, stay silent, as many of us have for the past 8 years. The office of the Presidency deserve respect. Those that don’t respect it, don’t respect our country and were likely raised that respect is not an important attribute. Sad. Hopefully that can begin to change through great leadership.

    • Joe Savitsky

      LOL.. I dont even know where to start. The right has stayed silent over the past 8 years? You sure you’ve been in the right country?

      Respect is earned. This administration lacks even the slightest hint of class and garners even less respect.

      • Denise Castellitto-Munoz

        Less respect than that muslim terrorist and militant bitch american hating wife……serious. The right stayed silent for the most part to let the liberals hang themselves which they did quite nicely all by their ignorant lying selves….no brainer there.

    • vulpes123

      I am just hoping for an unslanted president that can’t help going a week without saying things that are demonstrably not true. I would stack the press truthfulness against our lying idiot president any day … if facts are still important to you … lol

      • Denise Castellitto-Munoz

        what a statement, who has been lying……….I think you have that exactly backwards…….liberal = liar, trouble maker, ignorant, cry baby, no values…

        • Si

          You’re right. Obama only:
          -Ended the Iraq War
          -Saved the Country from a Depression
          -Saved the Auto Industry
          -Eliminated Osama Bin Laden
          -Passed Health Care Reform (love it or hate it, it’s a massive accomplishment that eluded presidents for the better part of a century)

          But The wonderful Trump has:
          -His Twitter temper tantrum over coverage of the small crowd at his inauguration was ridiculous. It was disgraceful that Trump vented his anger in front of the CIA headquarters wall honoring agents killed in the line of duty.

          And the cabinet full of unqualified billionaires! When Betsy DeVos as secretary of education makes Ben Carson at Housing and Urban Development look good, things are bad. Scott Pruitt, nominee for EPA director, once sued to stop the clean up of the Chesapeake Bay, some 1,400 miles away from his home state of Oklahoma. Secretary of labor nominee Andrew Pudzer has fought against the rights of employees for decades, while making a fortune off the labor of low-paid fast food workers.

          But wait — there’s more!

          Candidate Trump promised to take on Wall Street, a promise he quickly forgot. He signed an executive order for a review of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, which cracked down on the type of speculative investments that helped bring on the recession. You remember the recession, the one that wreaked havoc with employment, housing and retirement funds? Trump said Dodd-Frank stopped some of his business friends from borrowing. Making policy decisions based on what is good for his friends is not exactly draining the swamp. He also delayed implementation of the “fiduciary rule,” which requires retirement investment advisers to put the interests of their clients first. The fiduciary rule would protect your IRA and 401(k), yet Trump delayed it.

          I asked some friends to list the worst things Trump has done. Appointing Jeff Sessions as attorney general. Ignoring the rules. His general unpresidential demeanor. Appointing conspiracy theorist and Islamophobe Michael Flynn as national security adviser is up there. Attacking the press. Attacking the courts. Attacking Nordstrom, “Saturday Night Live” and Meryl Streep. The daily drama. Cozying up to Putin while undermining our NATO allies. Not recognizing the massacre of millions of Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Putting Steve Bannon on the National Security Council. Lying about millions of fraudulent voters — a lie so blatant that even Republicans who have used the myth of voter fraud to suppress voting rights distanced themselves.

    • Ortley guy

      How can anyone respect a habitual liar?

  • B C

    America is great!

    Trump is not, if you want to bring our towns together rally for 5 years from SANDY!

    Dump politics in the Ocean!

  • Sharon T.

    Ughhhh! Seriously? Seaside + Politics + Alcohol. Perfect recipe for a couple hundred fist fights. I thought we were working on IMPROVING Seaside’s reputation. Please don’t bring politics to everybody’s ‘happy place.’

    • Denise Castellitto-Munoz

      Seaside could use some positive recognition. Between what the MTV Jersey Shore did to it’s reputation, to the ridiculous prices since it’s popularity, this would be a positive thing. The drinkers in SS are mostly those who live there and locals. This is a unifying march……see nothing wrong with putting something good on the SS boardwalk.

      • Ortley guy

        That’s the problem, SSH needs something good. This fails at that definition.

      • I run Uber from time to time. The drinkers are from out of town or renters on the weekend.

    • Amy

      Perfect!! I know who wrote this comment..lol let them do it..they think they are so smart. I want to see it explode in their face. Idiots!! Lol….

  • Barry Dugac

    United we stand divided we fall Donald John Trump is doing the right thing by uniting country by lowering the taxes. Lowering the price of health care. Fixing the interstructure that is so badly needed. This will create jobs that are so badly needed in the USA.

    • Lorraine Ricci Jensen

      Seriously? He’s giving yuuuuuuge tax breaks to the wealthy. Do you know what the real experts on health care are saying about his (or should I say Ryan’s) plan will do to hurt the poor and middle class? Where did you get your info from, Breitbart, Alex Jones, or Fox News?

    • jimsilverman

      >”lowering the taxes.”
      He talks about it a lot, but hasn’t done this yet (if ever) Unless you count Trumpcare’s tax break for the richest only.
      >”Lowering the price of health care.”
      Trumpcare actually increases costs dramatically for the sick and elderly.
      >”Fixing the interstructure that is so badly needed.”
      Trump’s budget, announced today, cuts infrastructure spending dramatically.

      But other than that, I agree with you.

    • Barry, he is doing neither.

  • Amy

    Seaaide Heights will always be a drug infested dump. Just look at Patricks day weekend…we already have the BIGGEST loser Vaz for the non elect mayor..but because of what he did to those poor cats ppl are actually paying $5 for a of pizza that has rat poop on it. Happens everyday. With jokes like Vaz Christie and Trump in office Seaside Heights will ALWAYS b a dump!!! Not to mention the 20 something year old cops that harass everyone. Come for vacation leave on probation. They can have as many marches as they want. Seaside will NEVER change!!

    • Maria Ferguson

      It must be difficult to go through life being such a hater. I’ve been going to seaside for 50+ years and saw it go up and down, but the changes in the past few years are for the positive. More family oriented and less sleezy (though I’ll grant you, still a long way from great). If you can’t see that the direction is positive, you’re not looking or have your own agenda. Have a nice day! May you be blessed with some positive thoughts today.

  • Bob Purcell

    So, the same people who commented “don’t these people have jobs, or something better to do?” When other marches were held, are now having……..a March.

    • RabbitEars

      …on a Saturday.

    • Scott

      Bobby my man easy. I work Saturday can’t make it

    • Diane Gola

      It’s on a Saturday, many work Mon to Fri, traditional day off

    • Michael P Murphy Jr

      The marches those people were referring to were held during the week. I would be there, but have to work.

  • Barry Dugac

    To Lorraine Ricci Jensen: The bill you are taking about is called American Health Care.
    Do not make judgment on this health care plan until House and Senate make it final.
    Right now the House and Senate are looking at the pro’s and con’s of the health care plan. They will make the corrections before finalizing the American Heath Care Plan.

  • Neysa Eng

    MAGA everyone my name is Neysa an I am leading this magamarch let me start by saying this article left a few things out we are a pro Trump an support for our active military veterans law enforcement and first responders march with all proceeds raised going to the DAV so instead of complaining an sitting idly by we’re trying to help the fact is when I was growing up none of the above would have been smeared or disrespected or turned on the way they have these past years how many of you have been sickened every time you see a flag being burned or an officer under attack an please stop turning a blind eye to our homeless an hurting vets this is a make america great again march everyone needs to step up an do their part if that’s by taking time out on a Saturday to show support I don’t think that’s alot I chose seaside because of last summer’s event’s what better way to maga then to reclaim our beaches let’s start our summer off on a positive note an like I said before it’s not all about Trump but he’s the candidate that wanted these things fixed so I for one will support him stop the division an unite peacefully an for a good cause if not for him at least for the men an women who’ve been effected the most let’s show them we love an respect our service members from all branches an that our beaches are off limits an MAGA

    • Diane Gola

      This is a patriotic support march for our country, we need to stop the divide and come together, and support our DAV and Veterans, military, police, firemen and first responders, who all work hard every day to keep us safe.