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New Storm Sewers on the Way for Ortley Beach


Storm sewer grate. (Credit: Daniel Oines/Flickr)
Storm sewer grate. (Credit: Daniel Oines/Flickr)

Toms River officials are seeking bids for a project that will replace most of the storm sewers in Ortley Beach.

The township council last week authorized the township to accept bids for the project. 

“This project is to replace all the storm pipes that were not damaged by Superstorm Sandy,” said Township Engineer Robert Chankalian. “We want to get this done before we start the paving projects in the fall.”


A large-scale paving project to mill and pave most of the neighborhood’s roads is being planned for next fall, Chankalian said. More information on that project is forthcoming as it draws closer.

Bids for the project should be received during March, and officials are hoping the project gets underway quickly. Work will be suspended during the busy summer months if the work is not completed. It would pick up again after Labor Day weekend.

  • Steve Mitchell

    Doing this before the beach is expanded is, in a word, stupid. A big storm comes up the coast, finally wipes out, what is left of, the beach, and sends ocean water & sand flooding thru the streets right into the storm sewers again. Expand the beach, then with the additional protection it gives, more assuredly put the new storm sewers in.