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New Casino Pier Roller Coaster Will be Known as ‘HYDRUS’


She towers and soars over the boardwalk – and now she has a name!

The new roller coaster at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights will be known as the HYDRUS, the park announced Tuesday. Last week, Shorebeat reported on the progress of construction on the ride, including a video that was widely circulated of the coaster being built.

“We are thrilled to hear all the excitement from all of you through the construction progress of our new roller coaster, so we don’t want to keep the name a secret anymore!” Casino Pier posted via social media Tuesday. “We welcome all of you this spring to experience the thrill of HYDRUS!”


HYDRUS is a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter model Roller Coaster which has a 72-foot vertical lift and beyond-vertical drop. A “sensational” first drop of 97° starts the thrill ride, which tracks at 45 mp.h. Passengers will glide the 1,050-foot coaster track which includes a vertical loop, an Immelman turn and a heartline roll during its course.

The Roller Coaster has  two, eight-passenger cars equipped with comfortable lap-bar restraints with redundant, hydraulic cylinders that safely keep passengers in the ergonomic bucket seats during the incredible ride. Also, durable magnetic brakes guarantee comfortable vehicle deceleration before they enter the station

  • Linda Drag

    no thanks!

  • Peter James Smith

    I think the “she” is a “he”. Hydrus is the constellation for a male sea snake!

  • Jd Delisa

    Hydrus. Means WATER SNAKE.
    very clever that it is a thrill ride by the ocean
    And on the beach.

  • Barry Dugac

    Hydrus Roller Coaster
    Hydrus: The Water Snake; a southern constellation between Eridanus and Octans.
    Opening Date: 2017
    Steel. Sit Down. Extreme
    Make: Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH
    Model: Euro-Fighter / 320
    Track Length: 1050 feet
    Height: 72 feet
    Inversions: 3
    Speed: 45 Miles Per Hour
    Max. Vertical Angle: 97 Degrees
    Elements: Vertical Chain Lift Hill
    Cut Back
    Heartline Roll
    Going in to loop is 4.5g’s
    Train: Single Car Trains. Riders are arranged 4 across in 2 rows for a total of 8 riders per car.
    Ride Capacity: 800 People Per Hour
    Height Requirement: Person must be 48 inches or taller.