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Lavallette Lifeguard HQ Closure Could Linger Into Summer


Lavallette lifeguard headquarters. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Lavallette lifeguard headquarters. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Remediating mold at the Lavallette lifeguard headquarters building would not take an extraordinary long while to complete, but deciding who is responsible for funding the cleanup could keep the building shuttered for some time.

While not yet in litigation, the borough is still weighing its options after the Philadelphia Avenue building, completed last year, was found to be filled with mold. 

The contractor that performed the work, as well as the architect and engineer behind the project were all “put on notice,” Mayor Walter LaCicero said in December. Thus far, no lawsuit has been filed, said Borough Administrator John O. Bennett.


“The players have all had the opportunity to go in and look at it, and now the next step is to see what solutions we can get to,” said Bennett. “It’s in the hands of the attorney now.”

“I will have a place for the lifeguards to go next season,” said Bennett. “Whether it’s there or not, I don’t know yet.”

After the previous lifeguard headquarters was destroyed in Superstorm Sandy, the borough rented trailers and relied on the generosity of neighbors to provide some help for the guards. Bennett said more information would be forthcoming on the issue at an upcoming council meeting.

  • Bill Riley

    Bleach and X14(found in Ace hardware) are the best recommended chemicals for the remediation of many “dangerous”. Why not just put forth the effort and get it done and sue to get the money back? Chances are when this gets to court there will be a lot of finger pointing and it will end up as a “Post Sandy” mess.

  • Mac

    Why would anyone want to fix this building? It seems to me that it is an extremely fitting memorial to the quality of elected leadership that we depend upon to get us through natural emergencies. The only thing missing from the above picture is Chris Christie, George Gilmore, local and county officials (both elected and appointed), and the AshBritt thick envelopes of cash thank you presentation. Itssoeasyinnj.