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Christmas Season Badges a Hit in Lavallette


Lavallette Beach Badges (File Photo)
Lavallette Beach Badges (File Photo)

Lavallette officials say the borough’s decision to sell Christmas-themed beach badges to be given as gifts is paying off.

So far, 194 regular season badges, amounting to $7,760, and 78 senior season badges, adding up to $1,070, have been sold. The borough has made a total of $8,930 from the early badge sales.

“There are four shopping days left, folks,” joked Councilman Michael Stogdill, on Monday. “If not, you’re stuck with the regular colored badges.”


Anyone interested in the holiday badge can pick one up at the Lavallette Municipal Building, all week long from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Administration Office at the municipal building.

Badges are on sale at pre-season pricing of $40 per pre-season badge and $15 per senior badge.

  • barb

    Hi just want to clarify that the badges being sold currently in Lavallette, are red in color and will remain red for the 2017 summer season. It had been a misunderstanding at the Council meeting and Councilman Stogdill , post meeting, clarified the error. thanks,! barb