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CAUGHT: Seaside Park Bomb Suspect in Custody After Firefight With Police


The man wanted for questioning in connection with Saturday’s boardwalk bombing in Seaside Park and a subsequent bombing in New York City has been captured after a firefight with police in North Jersey.

CBS News in New York was reporting that Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old Afghan man who is a naturalized citizen of the United States, was taken into custody after Linden, N.J. police officers responded to a report of a man sleeping in a doorway.


When the officers approached, the CBS report said, the man opened fire, injuring two officers.

The Ocean County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the man taken into custody after the incident was Rahami.


Rahami was first linked to the New York attack, then New Jersey State Police said he was also wanted in connection with the Seaside Park attack. State police issued additional photos of Rahami, and said he was to be considered armed and dangerous.

  • Chuck Cumella

    Thank god he has been captured; great police work!!! I look at the face of the police officer that was there while the terrorist was placed into the ambulance……. his face said it all…..It took a lot of self control to not beat this terrorist to death.

  • Mac

    This man being captured is good. This man being a naturalized citizen, not so good. If the Muslims already in America don’t make a much more serious effort to clean up their own dirty laundry, then they are seriously undermining any opportunities America has to offer them for a better life than they came from originally.

  • Peter James Smith

    Glad they caught the bum.

  • Surfrider

    well put mac……This is why we have to slow down immigration from these muslim countries, until they can be 100% vetted. Guess what, if they cannot be vetted 100%, oh well, next applicant! It is not worth the chance of good citizens being injured or killed from these nuts. You have to be an idiot to allow this to go on!