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Island Towns to Receive County Recycling Revenue

Recycling (Photo: Valerie Everett/Flickr)
Recycling (Photo: Valerie Everett/Flickr)

Several island communities will share in a portion of $271,000 in recycling revenue generated by the county.

“Recycling in Ocean County continues to provide a host of environmental and economic benefits,” said Freeholder Gerry P. Little, in a statement.

Under the Ocean County Recycling Revenue Sharing Program, municipalities are provided a portion of the recycling revenues based on the amount recycled and the market price of the material. Since its inception in 1995, the program has generated $15 million for municipalities.


Lavallette’s share for the period between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2015 is $2,315; Seaside Heights, $2,004; Seaside Park, $2,271; Toms River, $46,623.

The amount returned to the towns is based on the amount of recyclables collected and brought to the County and the price per commodity in the current market.

“These prices change all the time,” Little said. “And even though we have seen a decline in the average price of each commodity we recycle, we are still able to return money to our towns.”

For instance, corrugated cardboard is down $16 per ton to $120 per ton, old newspapers are down $7 per ton to $84 and some plastics have decreased by as much as $125 per ton in comparison to the same period in 2014.

The larger vehicle for savings, officials have said, comes in the form of tipping fees saved since the recyclable materials are not being deposited in the county landfill.