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Lavallette Short 50 Parking Spaces After Route 35 Rebuild


Route 35 (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Route 35 (Photo: Daniel Nee)

With the northbound lanes of Route 35 through Lavallette’s business district now repaved and striped for parking spaces, borough officials are fuming about how the spaces were laid out.

The borough is now short 50 spaces along the highway compared to the layout before the project took place, Borough Administrator Christopher Parlow said recently.

Mayor Walter LaCicero recently had a meeting with state Department of Transportation representatives over the matter which “did not go well,” he said.


“Their response was, ‘Oops, sorry, wasn’t on purpose,'” said LaCicero, adding that blame for the reduction in spaces was placed on the engineering contractor hired by the state.

Apparently, according to borough officials, some spaces were removed because they were deemed too close to crosswalks or wheelchair-accessible sidewalk ramps. Technically, a 25 foot buffer is required, but in some areas there was only a one-foot – or less – deficit. The buffer zone is measured from either a crosswalk or the “perceived crosswalk.”

“There were a couple issues where the spots were a couple inches short of being legal, so they didn’t put anything in there,” said LaCicero, who took the state agency to task for what he perceived to be a lack of concern.

“They don’t care what impact it’s had on us,” he said.

“We’re not going to let this go,” he said. “We can’t just sit back and take a reduction of 50 parking spaces for the business community.”

  • Jeff Schmoyer

    New design is better because it is safer, encourages pedestrian and bike traffic. Worth losing a net of 50 spaces (which is what…<2 spaces per block?). We're a beach town. People want to walk around and go to stores when they come to the shore (e.g. Cape May). More pedestrians=
    – MORE sales at current commercial establishments, more businesses encouraged to open
    – Higher rents and property values for all, as the town becomes a more pleasant place to be. I say leave new design as is.

  • George W Coss

    Certainly people want to walk around town…. that is if they can first find a place to park their cars! Most of the downtown economy relies on the “seasonal” trade and this comes mostly from our visitors and renters. Traffic through town will also move slower as people search and wait for available spaces. The decrease in parking spaces in our downtown area will also negatively impact parking on the ocean and mid blocks in the summer months. As I walked around town last night I saw many areas where the State DOT really screwed this up. It appeared to me that whoever laid this out took the easy way out and just drew lines on a plan without much thought into maximizing available spaces. Lavallette Hardware has lost 3 spaces, look at the “gore” area in front of the Crab’s Claw as glaring example of how inept the planning for this was. For the State to blame it on a “consultant” is a cop-out. The plan should have been presented to and reviewed by our town officials
    before implementation. Having worked with the DOT most of my professional life and as a Lavallette resident, I would relish the opportunity to point out the ineptness of this scheme and expose the excuses that they are now using in defense of their incompetence.

    • Christine Davis

      Town has so much parking available and no meters! The hardware store has a lot for parking they’re not using! I would worry more about room for families to ride bicycles and cross streets. It would be more attractive too! Less about business and more about safety and esthetics.

  • Christine Davis

    Fact is, diagonal parking is not allowed on state highways and for good reason. Its REALLY dangerous! It should not be “grandfathered in” and needs to comply to current laws, since the whole highway was completely redone. The town has similar laws pertaining to rebuilding your home.